Tour Organizers and Guides - Ross & Allison Collingwood

Ross and Allison are New Zealanders (kiwis) and have lived in the USA for the past 45 years in Virginia, Illinois, Kansas, and currently Salem, Oregon.  

Ross is self-employed, the senior partner in a financial planning firm he co-founded in 1995, providing comprehensive financial services. Allison is involved in personal spiritual formation as a certified spiritual director. From 2006 to 2012 Ross and Allison shared a part-time pastoral role at their church, Salem Alliance.

The Collingwoods have organized and led several tours to New Zealand since 1987.  They have a deep appreciation for their native land, having traveled extensively there through the years.  They specialize in keeping a level of flexibility in the tour itinerary, allowing them to respond to tour members' interests as well as changing circumstances.

Their two sons, Dale and Robin, were born in the USA.  Dale and his wife Pam, are attorneys living in Los Angeles, and enjoying raising daughters Maya and Piper (our grand-daughters!). Robin is a physician currently working in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ross & Allison enjoy gardening, reading, travel, developing their spiritual lives, entertaining in their home and loving on Nikko, their American Eskimo.